Winter Percussion

The Fairfield Winter Percussion Ensemble competes annually in the Indiana Percussion Association concert circuit. The 2019 ensemble is comprised of 15 percussionists in grades 7-12 and is under the direction of Jacob Sleek. The group is a 12 time IPA State finalist in PSA, PSCA, and. PSCO class.


State Finals Appearances

2000- 12th Place PSA

2002- 5th Place PSCO

2003- 6th Place PSCO

2004- 5th Place PSCO

2010- 6th Place PSCA

2012- 4th Place PSCA

2013- 11th Place PSCO

2014- 10th Place PSCO

2015- 2nd Place PSCA

2016- 7th Place PSCO

2017- 5th Place PSCO

2018- 6th Place PSCO